About Peggy Hinkle, IBCLC


I worked with new families in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Postpartum Doula from 2002 until 2016.  In 2011 I certified as a Registered International Board Certified Lactation Consultant after graduating from the UC San Diego Lactation Consultant program. Although I happily nursed my own son and daughter with what I thought at the time was no difficulty, once I became an IBCLC I realized that many of my children’s issues (crying, tummy discomfort, sleeping difficulties, frequent illnesses) could have been avoided had I received educated lactation information, especially regarding tongue tie. 

I am a member of the International and United States Lactation Consultant Associations, the International Consortium of Ankylofrenula Professionals, and the Binational Breastfeeding Coalition. 

My husband and I raised our four children in the San Francisco Bay Area. We relocated to El Paso, Texas in February, 2017 – beginning a new adventure!

Peggy Hinkle was a tremendous resource to our family and to me, after the birth of our twin boys. She was really supportive, resourceful, thoughtful, organized and warm. She was wonderful with our little ones and taught me a lot as a new first time mom. She also helped to re-charge me and my family when we needed it most. Peggy also helped me through some really tough times with nursing. I was really intimidated at first to tandem feed my babies, but I was up around the clock feeding then individually. Peggy helped me with new feeding positions and getting comfortable with feeding them together, which increased my confidence with nursing and helped me get more sleep. My boys just turned two and I am still nursing them today, as a supplement to the many solid foods they eat. None of this would have been possible without Peggy. Thank you Peggy!
— Pam H.
Peggy comes with a lot of information and experience. She takes her job very seriously. I am still able to breast feed my babies today (they are 9 months old as I am writing this review) thanks to her tips. She was such a great coach to me because breast feeding twins is not easy. She kept up my morale and was very encouraging. Peggy was very compassionate and attentive not only to the babies, but to me.
— Leah N