Learn to breastfeed your baby with a lactation consultant in the comfort of your own home (El Paso).

breastfeed your baby

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Is it 3 am and your baby’s crying? Or maybe both of you are crying? I can help!

Few of us are prepared for life with a baby (I know I certainly wasn’t), but the right assistance can make all the difference to help you not only survive but truly enjoy this new little being.

I am a Registered International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC, RLC) providing home visits to help get breastfeeding off to a good start. No matter what is going on (sore nipples, slow weight gain, low supply), with enough detective work we can almost always figure out what’s going on and make a plan for success.  

My El Paso services include:

  • home visit lactation consultations and breastfeeding support

  • prenatal consultations/preparation for breastfeeding after birth

  • new parent coaching/incorporating baby into your family

Please contact me to schedule an in-home lactation consultation, or to ask any questions!  I serve families in El Paso, Texas, and I would love to support you and your family! With a background as a Postpartum Doula, I provide nurturing encouragement to parents and babies to support breastfeeding and mother-baby health in the postpartum period.

Call now to book a home visit in El Paso