Peggy’s In-Home Services (El Paso)


Home Visit Lactation Consults

You may wonder if your breastfeeding struggles are too hard to overcome, but with compassionate guidance backed by solid information, most challenges can be worked through. I have extensive experience with:

  • Latch difficulties including shallow or painful latch

  • Sore nipples and breast pain

  • Tongue tie assessment and after-care

  • Slow weight gain

  • Low supply/oversupply

  • Breastfeeding twins

  • Plugged ducts and mastitis

  • How to bottle feed – respectfully and appropriately

  • Going back to work

Each of my clients gets a personalized care plan that you can accomplish without feeling more overwhelmed than you already feel—and that will reduce your worries because you’ll be actively working towards your goals with a plan that will make sense for you.

Together we’ll work on Rule #1: feeding your baby, then Rule #2: protecting your milk supply. And most important of all – maintaining your close relationship with your little one.

Peggy was really supportive, resourceful, thoughtful, organized and warm.
— Pam H
sweet newborn baby

Prenatal Consults/Prepare for Breastfeeding

In this private class you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about getting breastfeeding off to a good start, and what to do if you hit some bumps. With your doctor’s OK and if medically indicated, you can even start collecting colostrum at 37 weeks to really be prepared!

Coaching/Incorporating Baby

If you’d like to streamline your days (and nights) with your new baby, we can work together to help you find a rhythm with your little. We’ll look at household set-up, what’s working or what may need a little tweaking. No need to re-invent the wheel!

Peggy is the best investment we made. She is mental peace of mind.
— Leah N